All the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Chanctonbury Leisure Centre?

You can join Chanctonbury Leisure Centre via our Join at Home Portal the week. From that portal you will be able to see our membership options which include:

  • Contracted Plans
  • Monthly (No Contract Plans)
  • 3 Month Student Options
  • Joint and Family Options

I was a member under the previous operator – is this still valid?

The Centre is now managed by Chanctonbury Community Leisure, a local registered Charity. As such you will require a new membership.

If I join now when will my first Direct Debit come out?

Our Join at Home system is programmed to not calculate any pro rata payment until 12th April, our scheduled opening date. You have the option of selecting the 1st or 15th of the month for your Direct Debit. The system will then calculate your pro rata from 12th April.

What’s included in a Direct Debit Membership?

A Direct Debit membership provides you unlimited access to the Gym, Group Exercise Classes and the Health Suite. Whilst Government restrictions remain in place all sessions within the Gym and Classes must be booked in advance. Direct Debit members receive 8 days advance booking on all sessions.

What are the Bolt-On Live Classes and On Demand Service?

We will be streaming a number of our weekly classes live online, as well as providing a huge back catalogue of classes and exercise workouts for all ages and abilities that can be accessed “on demand”. To be able to attend live classes at home or to access the on demand service there is an additional charge of £3 per month (£5 for Joint Memberships & Families) and for this you can access as many classes/sessions as you wish. Access details will be provided in full in your Welcome email.

I’m not sure which membership is best for me – can I speak with someone?

We fully appreciate that you may have some questions and so please do not hesitate to either email us at membership@ccleisure.org or telephone us on (01903) 681220 and we would be only too happy to guide you through the process. Alternatively, in the lead up to opening, we will be able to provide appointments for you to come to the Centre where we can meet you in a gazebo outside the front door to purchase / collect your membership details and complete your sign up. Please note that this appointment has to pre-booked – details will be released via our social media outlets.

I would like to pay up front for an annual membership – is this possible?

Annual memberships are available and are an easy way to enjoy a full year of unlimited access with one easy payment. To purchase Annual Memberships please telephone (01903) 681220 or email us at membership@ccleisure.org and we will set this up for you in a matter of minutes.

I used to have a Standard Pay as You Go Membership – are these still available?

Yes they are! Telephone us on (01903) 681220 or email membership@ccleisure.org and we can set this up for you straight away. This membership is £40 for the year and saves you £2 non member fees on every visit.

What happens once I have joined?

As soon as you have joined you will receive an email confirming your membership. Within 24 hours you will then receive a Welcome email that will provide all of the information required in advance of your first visit. This will include collection of your membership card, how to book a class or a gym session and what you can expect when you visit for the first time in respect of any restrictions and social distancing measures in place.  

Do I have to have an induction to use the Gym?

We ask all users to read and agree to our Health Commitment Statement, which you will receive with your Welcome email. If you have used our Gym before you do not have to take an induction however our qualified staff will be on hand at all times to assist you whenever you are in the Gym.

Can I book an induction to learn how to use the equipment? 

Absolutely! Inductions can be booked in as part of a Gym session online or feel free to contact us at enquiries@membership.org or telephone us on (01903) 681220 and we would be happy to book you in.

Can I join with my partner?

Yes of course! It’s a proven fact that training with a partner increases your motivation so we thoroughly recommend it ! We have Joint and Family memberships available. You can pick these options in either the Contracted or Monthly Plans.

What’s a concession membership?

Concession memberships are available for those over the age of 65+ or those in receipt of Universal Credit. Please note that you can join with these memberships online but evidence re your qualification for a concession will be required on your first visit.

Do you have a Junior Gym Membership?

Yes! The Junior Gym membership is in the Monthly Plans. £20 per month allows a young person (aged 11+) unlimited access to our junior gym sessions. See Activities Page for details.

I was a previous member and have a TGS Wellness Key – will this still work?

Your previous key will enable you to access the equipment, however it will not have your historical data, nor will it store future workouts. We are excited to say that we are still using Wellness but have moved to the SELF portal. SELF provides all members with huge variety of options when it comes to workouts – ranging from set programmes that you can follow each visit through to snap workouts/workouts of the week, specific body part workouts that can be downloaded via a QR code on your mobile device and straight onto the machines! It places your choice of workout firmly in your hands with the confidence that each of the programmes have been professional devised by our fantastic team!

Is the Leisure Centre safe with regards to COVID-19?  

Understandably we receive lots of questions regarding Covid-19 and we can reassure you that we take every precaution possible to ensure your safety whilst in our facility. See our COVID-19 details page and below for some frequently asked COVID-19 questions.

Does physical activity increase resilience to COVID-19?

WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend regular physical activity. It is proven that it benefits both the body and mind. It can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers – all conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19. Physical activity leads to improvements in immune health and metabolic health, both of which are linked to COVID risk. Furthermore, physical activity is central in weight management and positive changes in body composition, both of which are, again, linked to COVID-19 risk.