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Cardio CombatA dynamic martial arts inspired workout – punch and kick your way to fitness with non-contact moves set to high energy sounds
ZumbaA fun aerobic workout combining dance moves to Latin music alternating slow and fast rhythms – suitable for all levels
Total Body BlastA combination of interval and functional training with high energy moves to lift your heart rate and burn fat fast!
Pump it Up!With a combination of barbell and free weights and high reps and a quick pace this class targets the whole body to get fit and toned
StepDance routine on a step with as many changes as you wish to tackle – High energy, fat burner and loads of fun!
PilatesA low/non impact class aimed at all levels. This class is designed to improve core fitness, flexibility and strength
GrooveGet your groove on with this high energy class and funky music – ideal for all abilities
Stomp FXAnother high intensity training session to ensure that we lift your heart rate as well as your spirits!
Gentle FitA gentle gym / kinesis based class aimed at those who want to focus on mobility strength exercises
BoxHIITA high energy interval class using mixed martial arts inspired moves – suitable for all abilities
Centre FlowBreathe to stretch and build strength with a mixture of yoga and pilates
Tai ChiMeditation in motion promoting serenity through gentle movements – a must do class for anyone seeking a calming session
Yoga (Hatha & Yin)Suitable for all levels this class will help you to increase strength, flexibility, muscle control, balance, emotional and mental wellbeing. This class will also help to reduce knee and back pain, stress and anxiety and arthritis.
CircuitsA real mix of exercises designed to get that heart pumping and your muscles working. Variety every week that is ideal for all abilities.
PumpA classic combination of barbell-based exercise and upbeat music to get you lean, toned and fit!
LBTA classic class ideal for all abilities – a calorie burning class designed to help you tone 
Stretch & ToneA low impact class designed to help you increase your range of motion and flexibility and to help relieve stress 
Body ConditioningA fantastic exercise to music class to start your week! Ideal for all abilities this is a calorie burning class designed to help you tone.
Pilates/Yoga FusionStretch, breathe and build strength with this perfect fusion of yoga and pilates rolled into one class
Gentle FitA gentle fitness class focussing on stretching and mobility and raising your heart rate. Suitable for all levels under the expert tuition of Paulina – a qualified Physiotherapist.
Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)Vinyasa flow comprises of poses through movement. The content is varied and there are always plenty of options for all participants

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