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Have you tried our Boditrax?

Boditrax technology is trusted by leading hospitals, universities, corporations, formula one, premier league football and other elite sports teams as well as public and private fitness, health and leisure operators. Boditrax provides you with a full body composition overview allowing you to focus on your overall health and wellbeing rather than just focussing on your weight.

Our Boditrax Scales

Boditrax is an incredibly intelligent set of scales that gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your body composition. Measurements include fat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic rate, hydration levels, overall weight and lots more. The scales use an undetectable electric current to systematically scan your body and all this data which you can then access online. Learn about how to understand your results HERE.

Boditrax is a fantastic way to track your fitness progress by guiding your workout regime and helping you achieve your goals.

Boditrax is FREE for all members and we thoroughly recommend you step onto the boditrax once a month to track your progress. It just takes a few minutes and then you’ll have access to all your data on your smart device/mobile phone.

Book in for your FREE body composition analysis now by calling 01903 681220 – it’s simple and quick – all you will need to do is stand barefoot onto our Boditrax and the software will do the rest!